‘The Language of “Authoritarian” Regimes’ is seeking contributors to explore any aspect of the creation, dissemination and reception of discourse in or about regimes commonly referred to as ‘authoritarian’.

Contributions are welcome from any level of study (student/researcher/non-academic)and may relate to any relevant discipline or geographical area. Blogs can be based on interesting and relevant aspects of your research or methodology; related to a project or to a stand alone strand of research; or alternatively may be tied to current events or an upcoming date or anniversary.

Possible topics for exploration include (but are not limited to):

  • Challenges to the concept of ‘authoritarianism’ in any context, made through the exploration of discourse in or about a state or society
  • ‘Authoritarian’ language in ‘mainstream’ political discourse
  • Critique or nuance of rigid distinction between ‘authoritarian’ and ‘democratic’ politics, or of similar binaries and distinctions
  • Representations of authoritarianism in visual discourse
    • eg. architecture; clothing; and other such aspects of visual culture
  • The Arts in authoritarian states and/or societies, their engagement with the state, and strategies for navigating constraints
  • National discourses, their construction and responses to them
  • Gender ideology in authoritarian states and their societies
  • Sex and sexuality and the discourse surrounding these
  • Religion and religious practice in authoritarian states and their societies, and conformity and/or non-conformity
  • Case studies and individual experiences of authoritarianism explored through discursive engagement
  • Medical discourse, e.g. mental health discourse, or reproductive discourse in authoritarian states and their societies


Guidelines for Bloggers:

Blog posts should generally be between 800-1500 words. We can host longer pieces desired; alternatively we can split longer posts into ‘parts’ if that’s a format that works for the piece.

Submissions should be written for a non-specialist audience, so please avoid jargon, and use hyperlinks where possible in the place of footnotes to clarify terms etc. Aim to be accessible.

Paragraphs need to be much shorter than usual, to improve readability on a web page – around 6 lines long maximum.

Please include at least one relevant image, for which you have obtained permission, along with clear attribution information. We also welcome your use of other media, again as long as you have obtained permission and clear attribution information. Please also include a short bio (relevant links to Twitter, other projects etc welcome), to be included with your post.

Please email submissions to either h.e.parker@sheffield.ac.uk, or smwright1@sheffield.ac.uk; unless they are tied to a specific event, depending what our schedule looks like there may be a short delay between acceptance of a post and its publication.