Language Policy in Soviet Ukraine

by Katie Harrison Ukraine’s history has been undeniably tumultuous. The Ukrainian nation as we currently know it has, for centuries, been split territorially, and portioned off to different empires. Broadly speaking, the eastern regions of the country were part of the Russian Empire, and the western regions were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and then … More Language Policy in Soviet Ukraine

Letters to a dictator: ‘speaking Francoist’ in 1940s Spain

by Stephanie Wright Those who have never had the (dis)pleasure of working with the remnants of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco’s monstrous state bureaucracy will be unfamiliar with the relentlessly formulaic nature of its documentation. On my first encounter with Francoist bureaucracy while researching the experiences of disabled veterans of the Spanish Civil War, I … More Letters to a dictator: ‘speaking Francoist’ in 1940s Spain